About us

ACTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT FZE is established in United Arab Emirates. The company’s owner and manager, MR. AHMAD ABDUL HAMID CHAKIK has an extensive experience in management consultancy helping international companies who are in financial difficulties to analyze the problem and obtain funds for the business. It is the AMC FZE’s philosophy to give personalized service in dealing one on one analysis of the situation that causes the problem of the company concerned.

Other than helping the companies on their financial standing, ACTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT FZE, also specializes on importing and exporting, consults and advises on all matters related to wholesalers and retailers of goods, credit and discount traders, manufacturer’s agents in respect of raw materials, marketing and sales promotion, hauling and transport contractors, shipping and forwarding agent, undertake, perform and carry out all kinds of commercial trading and financial operations and all or any of the operations ordinarily performed by import, export and general traders, shippers, distributors, property developers, property managers, estates agents and business transfer agents.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The founder of ACTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT FZE, Mr. Ahmad Abdulhamid Chakik has more than 2 Decades of experience in General Trading and Financial Management in various companies in United Arab Emirates and the African Region. He has extensive links to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. His strategic insight contributes to the foundation of the company.

Vice Chairman
Mr. Abdelhak Daoudi holds a Doctorate in International Law from Lyon University in France. He has a Certificate in High Corporate Governance. Based in Switzerland, he is a seasoned professional as Financial and Legal Adviser in government and non-government institutions in Europe. He has also extensive experience working with Swiss Banks.
ACTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT FZE has an edge on other consulting companies since the Chairman and the Executive Managers are experts in the projects where they are currently assigned to. These people are screened and are hired based on their expertise so that clients can be personally evaluated and advised.